Why PureSan


Aqua Water Solutions with Puresan undertakes to continually monitor markets and consumer needs, to ensure quality, certified products are provided through all channels, so that safe clean water is available to all people and animals.

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Puresan (Pty) Ltd in an exclusive distribution partnership with Aqua Water Solutions (Pty) Ltd, have the products to ensure that there is no excuse for ALL PEOPLE not to have access to BACTERIA and DISEASE FREE water.


Beacuse all products are EFFICIENT to transport, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and ENVIRONMENTALLY POSITIVE with trials, testing and R&D continually being prioritized. Products have been (and continue to be) EXTENSIVELY tested in both South Africa and globally across Europe, Australasia and the U.S.

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Product Charactaristics

Metal Ions Sanitizing Products:

All Chlorine Free.

Made only from metal ION’s.

Does not allow for bug and or bacteria resistance.

No known contra-indications if taken with medication.

Not affected by temperature variations.

Bacteria Based Products:

Not genetically modified (non-GMO).

Non Pathogenic (only good bacteria).

Taken from nature (soil) and put back into nature to do their work.